Fallout 4 (PC Game)

Fallout 4 is built on the robust platform and system of the previous generation Fallout 3. This certainly helps the game to set new benchmarks. The best thing about the new release is that it never disappoints you. It has tons of new locations to explore and monsters to fight. So, all in all, this game will keep you busy. Unlike my other reviews, I did not want to quit playing this one and write a complete review. This speaks out loud about the game and the effect it can have.

Fallout 4 wallpaperThe game starts with the search of your family. As you proceed in the game, it gets complex and this is where all the fun begins. Honestly speaking, of all the Fall out worlds we have seen till date, this is the most sophisticated. Here you will find everything from urban areas to rural areas and even forests to explore. Exploring the new areas offers you different rewards and makes the gameplay even more interesting.

Throughout the game you will deal with every crime be it kidnapping, murder, or any other crime. This game is full emotions and twists. This is why we really liked the Fallout 4. The developers have developed the entire game around a very strong storyline. The twists and the mystery keeps you interested in game. You will not find a single moment of boredom throughout the game.

There are different quests in the game and to proceed in the game you have to complete the quests. One interesting thing about the quests is that at the end of each quests you get a companion. So, you find someone to accompany you while you are exploring the Fallout world. Each of your companion has a different set of skills and abilities. Having said that it is completely up to you if you wish to have the companion or not.

When it comes to combat I did not find anything different from the previous parts of the games. It is more or less the same. Coming towards the music of this masterpiece, it looks like that they have focused a lot on it. It goes completely with scenario and situation of the game. This is how it should be!

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Even if you are not a fan of Fallout you should play this game! Because it has everything to offer you a perfect gaming experience.